The Drama department at Bangkok Patana School is passionate about giving learning and performance opportunities to our students both within the curriculum and through a wide range of Extra-curricular Activities in both the Primary and the Secondary School.

The year’s calendar is filled with a diverse array of events including the whole-Secondary School production, trips to inter-school festivals, house drama competitions and Key Stage performances. At Bangkok Patana School we believe that Drama plays a huge role in developing confidence, imagination and independence.


  • Primary School Year group productions

    Every student from Foundation Stage onwards has opportunities to take part in drama activities, which range from original musical theatre extravaganzas to Year group performances written and produced by students. Drama is used to synthesise elements of the curriculum that the Year groups have been studying in a creative way.

  • Drama in the Secondary Curriculum

    Drama is offered as a subject at all the Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and in Senior Studies and the students’ performance assessment pieces are made open to other students and parents to attend.


  • Primary School

    Children’s Drama is available to all Primary students as part of the ECA programme.

  • Secondary School

    During Secondary School the opportunities for students to perform increase. The Drama Department co-ordinate a number of ECA groups including the Key Stage 3 Drama ECA and Technical Theatre ECA - where students learn about different technical roles. Students in Years 10 and 12 are also encouraged to take part in the Senior Play.

    The Drama Department works hard to provide opportunities for students not only to perform, but also to learn by arranging trips to local and regional workshops and a variety of performances in different dramatic media. We also run annual trips to ISTA Drama Festivals around South East Asia.

Whole-School Production

In addition to the individual Key Stage Drama ECAs, each year students from throughout Secondary collaborate in the whole-school production, allowing students to demonstrate their talents across a wide range of performing arts. Students are also encouraged to work backstage on publicity, costume design, set design, lighting planning, directing, and stage managing. This gives them invaluable training in all aspects of theatrical production.

House Drama

When students join Bangkok Patana School they are assigned to one of four Houses – Chang, Lanta, Phuket or Samui. The Houses compete in various events throughout the year, including the annual House Music and Drama Competition, where students from each Key Stage perform in front of their peers and a panel of judges to gain points for their house.

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