At Bangkok Patana School students make music, drama and art, sometimes as individuals, sometimes as a member of an ensemble.  They share their skills, give hours of enjoyment to many members of our school community and most importantly they learn to develop faith in their own ideas and capacity for imagination.

Students at Bangkok Patana School test their knowledge and skills in all sorts of ways.  In the area of drama, music and art, their work is presented publically throughout the year.  These performances and shows are where students put their learning and skills on the line.  The work speaks for itself and is clearly a form of authentic assessment.  To perform in front of an audience, however, is a formative as well as a summative experience.  Performing is not simply about being prepared and working hard.  To perform well also requires personal confidence, poise and presence in the moment.  Students learn a lot about themselves through performance experiences.  They develop important skills that will prove most valuable in whatever context they find themselves. That is why it is so important to offer as many performance opportunities as possible in the school environment.

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