In the Secondary School the competitive sports programme runs in addition to the regular Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) and the PE Curriculum. It is staffed by teachers and coaches and is coordinated by the Assistant Principal for Sport and Extra Curricular Programme, Andrew Tatam (antt@patana.ac.th). The school year is split into 3 seasons, each approximately 8 weeks in length, for the four different age groups,

The main competition is against local international schools that are all members of BISAC (Bangkok International School Athletic Conference). There is a match scheduled every week and an end-of season tournament in most sports.

In addition, Bangkok Patana is a member of various overseas sports conferences: SEASAC, (South East Asia Students Activity Conference) in which the Varsity teams compete against school from across the region in end-of-season tournaments and competitions, as well as FOBISIA (Federation of British International School in South East Asia), in which student compete at U13 and U15 levels in multi-sports competitions across the region.

How to get involved

This is a competitive programme and selection for training squads and teams is through trials. Details of trials for teams drawn from the Secondary School are publicised through daily notices to students, in the Patana News and bulletin boards.

For Season 1, trials are held during the first week of school. New students should promptly get details from the Sports & Activities office, or from a PE teacher.
Unfortunately it is not possible to accommodate everyone who tries for the competitive sports teams. However, it is policy to mirror the competitive sports within the ECA programme, which is available to all, in an attempt to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in a sport which is in season.

How to get involved

Note that there is no door-to-door transport available after any trials or sports events. If your child is participating in either of these activities, inform transport that you need to cancel the regular bus home and make your own transport arrangements. For Primary pupils, inform your child’s class teacher, through the contact book, that your child is staying late to attend trials. Secondary students taking part in trials may book a seat on a shuttle bus that departs for the BTS after trials end at 4:00pm. After training teams and groups have been finalised, door-to-door transport, which depart at 4:00pm, will be made available. Check to ensure there will be shuttle busses.

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