Pastoral Support

A strong Pastoral system is central to the British-style of education.  From the first days in Foundation Stage through to Senior Studies, students work in an environment where the core values of the school are instilled and reinforced. These include respect, tolerance, trust, equality, cooperation and protection of the environment. In the last two years we have also incorporated the IB Learner Profile into the Secondary School as we seek to develop and reinforce key personal attributes amongst our students. 

The Pastoral programme focuses on the well-being of the whole child and values each student’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.  At Bangkok Patana School we aim to ensure that everyone:

  • Works within an atmosphere where individuals are valued and where their self-esteem is enhanced
  • Gains sufficient knowledge with which to make informed choices concerning moral issues
  • Prepares for adult life

The programme is delivered by the pastoral tutors during a double-period session each week, with outside speakers with specialist expertise invited in to supplement the programme.  An integrated approach is used, where skills, concepts and knowledge are cultivated in the mainstream curriculum and reinforced in the tutorial programme.  A wide range of teaching strategies are used in the programme in order to increase the students’ effectiveness as learners and to enhance their learning.  Role play, group activities, individual study, demonstrations, visiting speakers, discussion, video presentations and displays all contribute to a varied programme.

The strands of the programme include:
  • Citizenship and Community
  • Relationships
  • Study Skills and Target Setting
  • Careers Education
  • Health Education
  • Personal Portfolios
  • Residential Visits


School Counsellors

The school employs two full-time pastoral counsellors, one in the Secondary School and one in the Primary School. The pastoral counsellors are qualified and experienced to assist students and parents with any social or emotional issues related to the student. This may include things such as stress, depression, re-location concerns, family issues and relationship or school-related issues. The pastoral counsellors strictly adhere to professional ethics regarding confidentiality.

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