Curriculum Enrichment

Bangkok Patana School’s Residential Programme is an integral part of the Secondary School curriculum and provides students with an opportunity to develop through experience.  One of the main aims is to involve students in activities or situations which they may not have experienced before and which encourage them to think about the values they are applying and the attitudes they adopt.

The one-week Residentials take place in November each year and involve Year groups and tutors travelling to different locations around Thailand.  Each visit is designed with a specific programme to help enhance the mainstream curriculum and to provide opportunities for personal and social development.  Each visit and its related activities are planned to accomplish the following aims:

  • Exploration of cultural, historical and/or physical environrnents with specific targets linked to the school’s curriculum
  • Reinforcement of self-esteem and positive interaction amongst students and staff within a unique setting.
Residentials include:

Year 7

Year 7 visit the Rayong region where students have a wide selection of outdoor activities, including kayaking and visiting a turtle sanctuary. There is some associated curriculum input and the experiences are used as the foundation for the Term 2 Geography theme on National Parks. The Residential Visit is a very valuable opportunity to reinforce the Year group’s cohesion and to develop relationships with tutors, other staff and students.

Year 8

The Year 8 students visit the Kanchanaburi region where the main focus is the enrichment of the History curriculum. History specialists attend the Residential Visit to give insight into this region. There is also a very important environmental focus to this visit, linked to the tutorial session on carbon footprints. Students in recent years have had a worthwhile opportunity to help in a reforestation programme in the locale. Students also have an opportunity to participate in team-building activities and develop their friendships with other students in the Year group.

Year 9

The Year 9 students travel on the overnight train to Chiang Mai and then on to Mae Taeng. This is a true outdoor experience with white-water rafting, mountain-biking, kayaking and trekking in safe but challenging environments. Here students develop self-confidence, inter-dependence and cooperation.

Year 10

Currently Year 10 visit the Prachinburi area where students have an Outdoor Adventure week involving trekking, abseiling, climbing and camping.  The students are physically challenged in a safe environment. There is also an opportunity for those undertaking the International Award to complete their practice expedition.

Year 12

One of the main aims of the Year 12 Residential visit is to study the subject "Theory of Knowledge", a compulsory element of the International Baccalaureate programme. It gives students the opportunity to broaden their understanding of how different kinds of knowledge are constructed by critically evaluating the information that they receive from a variety of sources, both inside and outside of school.

Year 11 and Year 13 students remain at school during the Residential visits week to focus on examination preparation.

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