Primary School/Non National Curriculum Areas

English Language and Culture

Thai Language and Culture is a specialist subject which is offered to all Primary children at Bangkok Patana School to help them learn and appreciate the culture and language of the host country. All students study this subject with teachers who are Thai nationals and students are divided into different groups based on their language abilities.  Some groups are for Thai speaking students and others for non-Thai speaking students. Special cultural events such as Loy Kratong and Songkran, arranged by Thai teachers, enrich the curriculum for all students.

Personal, Social and Health Education

Personal, Social and Health Education is integrated into the curriculum and is also taught as a discrete subject.  Many opportunities arise during the school week which enable social and personal issues to be focused on, including assemblies, through play, through stories and during ‘circle time’ in class. The pastoral programme ensures that everyone is aware of the need to contribute to students’ personal and social awareness and development, through a positive behaviour programme.

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