Learning Support

Bangkok Patana Primary School caters for children with a wide range of abilities. Our Learning Support teachers are available to assist students who need support in meeting the challenges of the curriculum.

Learning Support advises teachers on planning and providing further differentiation and resources as well as practical teaching and assessment support. The range of musical, sporting and artistic opportunities provided by the school also gives many opportunities for talents to be developed outside the formal classroom setting.

Our Learning Support team works in partnership with students, parents, identified outside agencies, class / specialist teachers and the Leadership Team. We recognise individual strengths and differences in teaching the whole child. If any child experiences barriers to their learning, a collaborative approach to assessment is used to identify strengths, needs and if necessary, implement a programme of support.

In the rare case that we feel our resources are unable to adequately meet the specific needs of a child, we will suggest an alternative placement.

We follow many of the procedures of the UK Code of Practice. When a student is referred to the Learning Support team, parents will be informed. If a Learning Plan (IEP) is required, targets are set with parents and teachers and reviewed regularly. A Learning Plan is an individualised agreed plan of action which is regularly reviewed as part of the reporting cycle to parents. Students who are Stage 2 or Stage 3 within the Learning Support program will have a rider on their school report which states the child "Receives Learning Support".

Children requiring speech and language therapy may be referred to our school speech therapist who will assess a child’s needs and then provide a programme of therapy if appropriate. Fees are charged for the services of the speech therapist and for any in-school support which is in addition to that provided by our Learning Support teachers.

If outside specialist assessment / intervention is recommended, for example, from an Educational Psychologist, the Learning Support staff can provide information on contacts and options available to parents.


Provision for the Gifted and Talented

Some children will demonstrate, or show the potential to demonstrate, outstanding abilities, creative flair or talents which will be significantly in advance of their peers.
Our Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator is available to advise teachers and parents and, on occasions, to work with children who are identified as being gifted and talented.


School Counsellors

The school employs two full-time pastoral counsellors, one in the Secondary School and one in the Primary School. The pastoral counsellors are qualified and experienced to assist students and parents with any social or emotional issues related to the student. This may include things such as stress, depression, re-location concerns, family issues and relationship or school-related issues. The pastoral counsellors strictly adhere to professional ethics regarding confidentiality.

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