Primary School/English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The EAL department supports children in becoming proficient English language users in order to develop socially, and achieve academic success across all areas of the curriculum.

All children for whom English is not their mother tongue are required to take a language assessment before admission to the school. A decision is then made as to whether they have sufficient communication skills to enter the school and if so as to whether additional EAL support is required.

Our approach is based on content integrated language teaching, as we believe that children make the fastest progress when language is learned in context and immersed in a language-rich environment alongside their English-speaking peers. Direct support is provided mostly through in-class assistance but also where appropriate in small groups and one-to-one instruction. Additionally, indirect support is provided through liaison with the class teachers, especially in adapting materials to suit the needs of the EAL children.

EAL children come to us with a variety of different experiences in terms of first language skills. Research into the acquisition of additional language indicates that children can take up to two years to develop social language and up to seven years to develop their academic English in order to cope with the literacy demands of the curriculum.  A strong home language that continues to develop alongside the acquisition of English has been proven to be the best way for success in learning English.  Furthermore a strong home language is fundamental to the children’s overall emotional and academic development. Our EAL team believes that a close relationship with parents can help the children learn quickly and effectively.

The progress of the children is continually monitored and assessed. Once the children reach a level of English proficiency whereby they no longer need extra EAL support they then exit the programme. 

A fee is charged for the first 9 terms of EAL support.

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