The Primary Community Action Team

At Bangkok Patana School we recognise the vital importance of teaching our students to be well-rounded individuals. That means supporting and encouraging young people’s academic development, sporting involvement, emotional maturation, social interaction and also their broader sense of civic responsibility and social connection.

Throughout the whole of Bangkok Patana School there is a very strong ethos of service to the community, and in the Primary School we support whole-school causes through fundraising days like Tiger Spirit Day, Red Nose Day and Busking Day.

In addition, each Year group, from Foundation Stage to Year 6, sponsors various children's organisations in Thailand.

Led by the Primary Community Action Team, class teachers and with input from the Student Councils, the children are also encouraged to develop a closer and more concrete relationship with the groups/causes that their Year group chooses to sponsor each year.

Throughout the year students are challenged to think of creative and proactive ways in which to raise funds, consider the allocation of those funds and, whenever possible, visit the groups they have supported and witness the results of their work.

For a more detailed report on the activities of the Primary Community Action Team, please view the Student Achievement Handbook.

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