Policies and Placement

Priority is given to those who, by virtue of their previous education experience, have no choice but to attend an English-speaking international school. Children must, however, be fluent in English or be at a stage where they can achieve fluency given specialist support.

When an application is made to enrol a child whose first language is not English, a member of the English as an Additional Language staff will meet the child to assess language competence before admission. Acceptance into Patana and allocation to a particular year or class is authorised only by the Head of School and School Principals.

In the Nursery and Kindergarten 1 classes the number of students per class will not exceed twenty. In Kindergarten 2 to Year 2 every effort will be made to keep the number of students to twenty but two extra fluent/native English speakers per class may be admitted. In Year 3 to Year 6 every effort will be made not to exceed twenty two students but one extra fluent/native English speaker may be admitted to a maximum of twenty three per class. From Year 7 to Year 11 in the Secondary School classes will not exceed twenty two students and in the Senior Studies the maximum number of students in a Tutor Group is eighteen and in a class is seventeen. There are also specialist subject teaching staff who teach classes and groups of children. This ensures that the overall teacher-pupil ratio is approximately 1:10.

Available places in certain age groups are regularly oversubscribed and parents are advised to make an early application or to contact the Admissions and Registration Department regarding the current enrolment situation.

For year-group placement by age range and year group equivalents please see the following form:

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