Bangkok Patana School operates its own school bus service to provide safe and efficient journeys between home and school. The service is offered across an extensive part of the city but cannot be guaranteed to all districts. All of our 235 air-conditioned buses are equipped with a mobile telephone and are independently checked at regular intervals. Each bus seats no more than eight children and a monitor.

Bus drivers and monitors participate in training programmes in order to meet our requirement of safety and reliability.

Further details are available through the Transport Office:


  • Canteens

    Light snacks and full lunches are available from our two canteens which are situated in the Primary and Secondary Schools.  The canteens are buffet style and feature a daily menu of both International and Thai food.  Non-meat options are available. . We have a nutritionist on staff who works with our chefs on meal plans that offer a good variety of options and are also healthy and nutritious.

  • Snack Bars

    Both the Primary and Secondary School have their own snack shops with a range of items including fruit, sandwiches and pastries. Students can also purchase fresh fruit smoothies which are made on site without the use of refined sugars.

  • Noodle Bar

    Thai noodles are available at this popular shop in the Secondary School.

  • Patana Card

    All purchases at the canteen, snack bars and noodle bar must be made using a Patana Card. This can be topped up at various locations within the school. Temporary and visitor cards are also available. More information about the Patana Card can be found here.

  • Milk

    Fresh milk is available to all students during the mid-morning break.

School Shop

All school uniforms including Primary and Secondary PE Kit, school bags, books and other resources are all available at the School Shop:

Opening Hours: 7:30am to 4:00pm

Location: Ground floor, Arts Centre

  • Uniform

    All students at Bangkok Patana wear a uniform with the exception of Year 12 and 13 students who follow a strict dress code. Students across the school are required to wear black leather shoes as part of the uniform.

School Nurse

There are two Medical Units at Patana, one for Primary students near the Primary Library, and another for Secondary students near the Design + Technology department. These units are open during school hours and for events outside school hours. They are staffed by fully-qualified nurses who respond to minor injuries and can help secure emergency hospital treatment when necessary. If you have any queries, please contact the Head Nurse, Khun Patama ext 2478 and 2479, or email

  • First aid and medical emergency response

    The school has the required number of first aiders and first aid kits so that minor injuries are treated and, most importantly, major medical emergencies receive an immediate response. Nursing cover is provided throughout the school day, during overnight school trips and during official school sporting events.

  • Medical history

    When you enrol your child at school, you will be asked to fill out a medical information form.

It is very important that this information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date (particularly phone numbers and email addresses) in case there is a serious illness or accident.

It is especially important to include information about any medical problems such as asthma, allergies or diabetes

In case of a medical emergency, parents will be contacted first. However, at enrolment and throughout the year, parents must identify an additional emergency contact person for each child, and provide their contact information. Parents are asked to confirm and update all medical information before school field trips and residentials. However, during the year, please also inform the school of any changes to your own and your emergency contact’s home and mobile phone numbers, so that these updates are passed on to the nurses.


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