Parent Teacher Group

At Bangkok Patana School we believe that education is a three-way partnership between parents, students and the school and we welcome and encourage parents to engage with and contribute to the broad Bangkok Patana community. Below are some of the ways in which parents can become involved in the life of the school.

  • Parents Helping Within the Primary School

    As a Primary School, we benefit greatly from parents supporting student learning. We value the various skills and areas of expertise through which our parents enrich student learning. Many parents sign up to help straight after the 'Introduction to the Learning' meetings in August, but offers of help are welcome at any point during the year. When extra help is required, such as for Educational Visits out of school, requests are made via the Year Group newsletters. Some parents help on a regular schedule, whilst other prefer to come in at certain points during the school year.

    We want every class to benefit from this help, but we are also mindful that children need to build independence and resilience. Children respond in different ways to the presence of their own parent in class, and so parents frequently support in other classes or in shared areas.

    Year Group Leaders oversee the effective use of parental help within their Year group. If you would like to volunteer some time to help in school, please contact the Leader of Learning and Welfare in your child’s Year group.


    All members of the academic staff and all parents/guardians of Bangkok Patana students are automatically members of the PTG. The PTG thus provides a link between parents and teachers, with the purpose of “promoting and assisting the development of the school, advancing its interests and activities and fostering goodwill of parents, teachers, and friends towards the school”. The PTG strives to build community spirit among children, parents and staff.

    The PTG is overseen by the PTG committee (PTGC) which includes three permanent staff members and several parent officers. They are elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each May. Parents can volunteer for positions such as chair, vice chair, representatives for Thai issues, Primary or Secondary Schools, Tiger Shop and newcomers. Other positions include secretary, treasurer and newsletter editor.

    All volunteers are welcome, whatever their interests or availability, as it takes a large team to coordinate all of the activities throughout the year. PTG activities vary from year to year and evolve as the needs of the school community change. While many PTG activities are social, others are fund-raisers. The PTG also provides a mechanism for addressing issues of common concern in a congenial atmosphere. Concerns may be referred to specific school staff as needed. The PTG can be contacted using the email


    Being a member of the Bangkok Patana Community does not end when your time at school is complete. We welcome you to our global alumni network and look forward to keeping in touch. With a history spanning more than 60 years, Bangkok Patana School has an extensive alumni of past students, staff and families now living and working around the world. There are regular get-togethers each year and you can keep up to date with School activities through our newsletters and magazines. Make sure you sign up on the Alumni page at

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