Libraries at Patana

At Bangkok Patana School we work very hard to ensure that our libraries are vibrant and exciting facilities which provide a safe, positive and motivating environment for our children to enjoy. We strongly believe that libraries should be at the very heart of the school community, as a centre of learning.

The Library Staff forge close relationships with all members of the Patana community and enjoy making resources and information available which support the whole curriculum, facilitate recreational and literacy development and provide focus for the advancement of study and information handling experiences.

At Bangkok Patana School we have two superbly equipped libraries serving the Primary and Secondary schools respectively. We strive hard to meet all needs and, in addition to having a super range of non-fiction and fiction texts for all age groups, we have a Parents' Collection of books and journals; we also house a considerable range of Teacher Professional Development resources.

We embrace changes in technology and aim to make our libraries a positive and motivating place in which we all can develop as independent learners.

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Bangna, Bangkok 10260
Tel: +66 (0) 2785 2200
Fax: +66 (0) 2785 2399