Information Technology

The increasing use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the world today makes confident, creative and productive use of ICT an essential skill for life. Students at Patana learn not only the mastery of technical skills and techniques, but also the understanding to apply these skills purposefully, safely and responsibly. They use ICT as a tool to enrich and extend their learning across the whole curriculum.

All classrooms at Patana have Internet access and ceiling mounted data projectors. Many of the classrooms also have interactive whiteboards and all areas of the school are wirelessly networked. The school also has computer rooms for student use and a plentiful supply of digital equipment designed to support student learning.

Students in Years 5 through 13 use their own laptop computers to support their learning in all subjects.

A typical school day will see technology being used in many different ways across the campus. Older students will use their own laptops to work on their IB coursework while in the Music department students compose music using industry standard software. When students in Science have finished using data logging equipment they might produce a podcast of their findings while in English classrooms students can be seen collaborating using wikis. Using video to analyse performance in sport helps Key Stage 4 students prepare for their IGCSE assessment and even young children in the Foundation Stage have computers for their first digital learning experiences. While video conferencing may be taking place at one end of the campus, teachers with iPads will be working with groups of Year 1 children at the other.

All aspects of learning and teaching at Patana are supported by our online learning management system and an extensive range of digital resources. Students, teachers, parents and alumni have their own password-protected areas of the school website where they can access information and communicate with staff.

Teachers are committed to ensure students are fully engaged in their learning and use ICT to support this aim. The school provides many professional development opportunities for academic staff to ensure they are kept up to date with developments and opportunities. Schemes of work have references to ICT activities providing opportunities for students to:

  • Make choices about when and where it is appropriate to exploit technology to support them in their learning and everyday life
  • Work creatively and collaboratively
  • Be independent, discriminating and reflective when choosing when to use technology
  • Apply ICT to real-world situations when solving problems and carrying out a range of tasks and enquiries
  • Share their views and experiences of ICT, considering the range of its uses and its significance to individuals, communities and society
  • Use ICT in other subjects and areas of learning with contexts that are relevant and interesting to them

A team of dedicated staff work to ensure that students are able to use technology in an efficient, safe and transparent way to fully realise the benefits of a 21st century education so that they become confident and well prepared for participation and engagement in modern society.

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