"To forge a chain to hold you to those who still have time to read, to paint, to sing, to act and to learn in the Bangkok Patana School and then go on, all over the world, into different systems of education, but all bearing the mark of our school, which is the mark of the scholar, one who loves learning because it is satisfying to himself."
Mrs Rosamund Stuetzel, Founder of Bangkok Patana School

Fifty years ago, our founder Rosamund Stuetzel had a wish. That wish was a simple one: not to have to send her third child off to boarding school in England as she had already had to do with her eldest son and daughter; to allow her daughter Linda to obtain a top-quality education without having to leave her family. This committed lady set her mind to the task and decided to offer that education herself. So in 1957, Rosamund Stuetzel opened the original school, teaching 28 children in the back garden bungalow of her house in Ploenchit Road. From a strong desire to keep a family together, Bangkok Patana School was born.

From this humble beginning, the school has undergone a remarkable transformation. Over the following decades the school has moved four times from the original bungalow to sites in Sathorn Road, Soi Ngam Duphli and then Soi Navin as it grew to accommodate the demand for places and the need to offer its students the very best in educational resources, environment and facilities.

The school is currently located on Soi Lasalle, Bangna, in the south-east corner of Bangkok. The spacious state-of-the-art campus is home to over 2,200 students from around 65 different countries.

The size, location and staff of the school may have changed but throughout its history the underlying commitment to allow children to stay with their families has remained the core aim and ambition of all those involved with Bangkok Patana School. We are sure that Rosamund Stuetzel would look at the school today and be proud to see that her initial wish to keep families together has been maintained and strengthened.


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