The Foundation

As a not-for-profit organisation, we do not have shareholders; therefore, governance structure is even more important. It is the Bangkok Patana School Foundation Board members, the Committee and Sub-Committee members and the management whose role is to ensure that the organisation is maintained and protected now and in the future. The Board consists of people with a balance of skills and experience, and with good relationships within the local community, in order to enable a proper and efficient supervision of the school’s operations and continued development in line with the school’s mission. In addition, to ensure that the Foundation is able to own land, at least half of the Board members are of Thai nationality.

At the Sub-Committee level, we ensure that members have a connection to the existing community in the school and the appropriate skills needed to serve on their respective Sub-Committee. The school operates on a self-perpetuating model, for the appointment of members to the Board, Committees and Sub-Committees, and these appointments are overseen by the Nominations Committee and ratified by the Foundation Board.

The Board, Committee and Sub-Committee members are volunteers and do not receive any compensation for their work.


The Office of the Foundation Board

The Office of the Foundation Board coordinates communication between the organisation and the Board, Committees and Sub-Committees. It also plays an important role in helping to manage our relationship with the local community. Currently, the following Committee/Sub-Committees are in place:

  • Steering Committee
  • Nomination Committee
  • Internal Audit Committee
  • Finance Sub-Committee
  • Human Resources Sub-Committee
  • Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee
  • Marketing and Development Sub-Committee

For more information please contact Khun Kulvadee Siribhadra (Khun Dee), Director of the Foundation Board by emailing

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Contacting our Board Committees

Email accounts for the Foundation Board and the Committees to enable parents to forward questions or requests for information directly have been established. Once received, these emails will be directed to the appropriate people for consideration.

We would encourage all parents to make use of this method of communication. Of course, if you see one of the Foundation Board Members or Committee Members at School you should feel free to approach them and ask your questions. You are also welcome to make an arrangement to meet with Khun Kulvadee Siribhadra (Khun Dee) at the Office of the Foundation Board.

Access to Information Regarding the Operations of the School

As well as the Stewardship 2016/17 booklet, there is a considerable amount of information available for parents. Such information includes extracts from the Minutes of the Foundation Board Meetings for viewing in the Library. Information about the history of the School, the Board and its committees, selected letters from the Board and some newsletters will be gathered and added to the Library. We will also maintain copies for viewing at the Office of the Foundation Board.

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