The Bangkok Patana School Foundation (BPSF) was established in 1991 as a charitable foundation with the principle purpose of supporting the School. The BPSF is responsible for oversight of the School as well as the provision of land, buildings and other assets required for the School to operate. The license to operate the School was granted by the Ministry of Education to TICA, which is a department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Pursuant to an agreement between TICA and the BPSF, the authority to manage the School was transferred to the BPSF in 1991. The BPSF and the School have the following core governing documents:

BANGKOK PATANA SCHOOL is overseen by the Foundation Board, comprising up to 16 members, and its appointed officers. The appointed officers of BSPF include the Chairman, the Vice Chairpersons, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

The structure of the Board Governance in the School presently is as follows:

Foundation Board and Committee

The Foundation Board comprises representatives of the Patana community as well as senior advisers from the greater community.

Foundation Board

Dr. Tej Bunnag, Chairman (Parent of former Patana student)
Mrs. Laura Stamp, Vice Chairperson (Parent of former Patana students)
Mr. Kajit Habanananda, Vice Chairman (Grandparent of Patana students)
Mr. Eric Hudson, Treasurer (Parent of former Patana student)
M.L. Pariyada Diskul, Secretary (Parent of former Patana students & former Executive Director)
Mrs. Ariane Rodel Stuetzel, Board Member (Daughter of the Founder of Patana)
Ms. Say Sujintaya, Board Member (Patana parent)
Mrs. Leslie Baldwin, Board Member (Patana parent)
Mrs. Sui Lin Comer, Board Member (Patana parent)
Mr. Janut Suchato, Board Member (Patana parent)
Mr. David Humphreys, Board Member
Mr. Threekwan Bunnag, Board Member (Parent of former Patana student)
Mr. Madan Misra, Board Member (Patana parent)

The Foundation Board has the power and duty to conduct all activities of the Foundation according to the objectives of the Foundation under the Charter of the Foundation.

Steering Committee

Mrs. Laura Stamp, Chairperson
Mr. Eric Hudson, Committee Member
Mrs. Leslie Baldwin, Committee Member
Mr. Janut Suchato, Committee Member
Mrs. Sui Lin Comer, Committee Member
Mrs. Bonnie Zellerbach, Committee Member
Mr. Madan Misra, Committee Member
Mr. Anthony Blake, Committee Member

The Steering Committee is responsible for the development of the School’s and Foundation’s strategic business plans and the long-term business forecasts.

Buildings & Grounds Sub-Committee

Mr. Janut Suchato, Chairperson
Mr. Richard Neville, Committee Member
Mrs. Janice Boonbanjerdsri, Committee Member
Mrs. Christine Gamarra, Committee Member
Mr. Michael Tang, Committee Member

The Buildings & Grounds Sub-Committee oversees the development and updating of the master plan of the School’s buildings and grounds with the staff and outside consultants.

Finance Sub-Committee

Mr. Eric Hudson, Chairperson
Mr. Adithep Vanabriksha, Committee Member
Mr. Krisda Leeaphorn, Committee Member
Mr. John Thompson, Committee Member
Mr. Anthony Blake, Committee Member
Mr. Robert Lavichant, Committee Member

The Finance Sub-Committee reviews the policies affecting the financial affairs of the School and Foundation.

Human Resources Sub-Committee

Mrs. Sui Lin Comer, Acting Chairperson
Mr. Richard Cowley, Committee Member
Mr. Mana Lohatepanont, Committee Member
Mr. Robert Lavichant, Committee Member

The Human Resources Sub-Committee, in cooperation with the Head of School and Business Director, develops broad personnel policies such as benefits offered, salary ranges, and the requirements for faculty and staff evaluation.

Marketing & Development Sub-Committee

Mrs. Leslie Baldwin, Chairperson
Dr. Buranaj Smutharaks, Committee Member
Mr. Koonlawat Tatiponganant, Committee Member
Mrs. Bonnie Zellerbach, Committee Member
Mr. Karma Rana, Committee Member
Mrs. Pichitra Pathomsak, Committee Member
Mr. Philip Suradejvibul, Committee Member

The Marketing and Development Sub-Committee coordinates the fund-raising activities of the School, advises the Foundation Board on the financial goals of the annual campaign, through the budget process, and on any capital campaign, reviews the case statement for any fund appeal, facilitates the inclusion of all Board members and other volunteers in fund and friend-raising activities and raises funds.

Information Technology Sub-Committee

Mr. Madan Misra, Chairperson
Mrs. Virginia Yap, Committee Member
Mr. David Lewis, Committee Member

Improving School Communications

One of the activities of the Marketing & Development Sub-Committee is to improve communication within the School and our different constituents, including students, prospective students, parents, alumni, and the large community of which we are a part.

Email accounts for the Foundation Board and the Committees to enable parents to forward questions or requests for information directly have been established. Once received, these emails will be directed to the appropriate people for consideration. The addresses are:

Foundation Board board@patana.ac.th
Steering Committee steeringcom@patana.ac.th
Finance Sub-Committee fincom@patana.ac.th
Human Resources Sub-Committee hrcom@patana.ac.th
Buildings & Grounds Sub-Committee bgcom@patana.ac.th
Marketing & Development Sub-Committee mdcom@patana.ac.th
Information Technology Sub-Committee itcom@patana.ac.th

We would encourage all parents to make use of this method of communication. Of course, if you see one of the Foundation Board Members or Committee Members at School you should feel free to approach them and ask your questions. You are also welcome to make an arrangement to meet with Khun Kulvadee Siribhadra (Khun Dee) at the Office of the Foundation Board.

Access to information regarding the operations of the School

A considerable amount of information is available for parents. Such information includes extracts from the Minutes of the Foundation Board Meetings for viewing in the Library. Information about the history of the School, the Board and its committees, selected letters from the Board and some newsletters will be gathered and added to the Library. We will also maintain copies for viewing at the Office of the Foundation Board.

Work is also being carried out to increase availability of information on the School’s website.

Back Row,

left to right: Mrs. Leslie Baldwin, Mr. Threekwan Bunnag, Mr. David Humphreys, Mr. Madan Misra, Mr. Janut Suchato,

Front Row,

left to right: Mrs. . Ariane Rodel-Stuetzel, Mr. Kajit Habanananda, Dr. Tej Bunnag, Mrs. Laura Stamp, M.L. Pariyada Diskul

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