It's Egyptian Day!
Parades, feasting and a whole lot of learning! Well done, Children and parents! What a fantastic effort!


Inter-class Football
Trip 1 3H & 3P
Sports Day
Myths and Legends Restaurants
Loy Kratong
3B Digital Art
Tiger Spirit Day!
Interclass Mat Ball
Year 3 Aquathlon 2013
Year 3 visit the snack bar!
Year 3 Fire and Fury mini expo
Songkran Splash Day
Mystery boxes appear in Year 3
Egyptian Day 2013
Tee Ball 2013
World Book Day
Year 3 Sports Day 2012
WOTM Home Learning Expo
Loi Krathong 2012
Baking Bread
International Day
Bring Buy and Bake Sale
Can we turn our classrooms into restaurants?
Swimming Gala
First day in Year 3
Titanic Trip!
Year 3 Olympics Opening Cermony
Dragon Quest
Beautiful Birds
Songkran Splash Day!
Egyptian Day
Interclass Tee Ball
Technology Week
Cook Like an Egyptian!
Telling tales with Year 9!
Year 3 WLD 2012
Baking bread!
3B Fruit Carving
Sports Day
Flood Relief
Bring, Buy and Bake Sale
School Closure Expo
Tiger Spirit Day
Weather and Climate Expo
3B and K2C buddies
Interclass Mat Ball
Visiting the snack bar!
First Day Back!
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