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You Are What You Eat

Year 2 began their ‘You Are What You Eat’ topic with a morning of fun-filled Science activities, each based on an aspect of healthy eating, healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Firstly, the children took their resting pulse rate and measured body temperatures, then went for a strenuous dash around the playground. Measuring pulse rates and body temperatures after the exercise, the children discussed the observable differences and recorded them in a table like real-life scientists. The second activity involved making a balanced sandwich, during which they discussed different food groups and the nourishment they give bodies. What delicious snacks they were! Next, using their prediction skills, the children and teachers talked about hygiene and began an experiment where they left three pieces of bread in sealed bags for a week; one control, one that had been touched with 20 clean pairs of hands, and one which had been touched with 20 dirty pairs of hands. What will the results be... find out on soon on the Year 2 blogs! Finally, they investigated healthy minds: Taking part in mindful breathing and meditation exercises, the children took note of the changes they felt in our minds before and afterwards.

It was a very exciting morning with lots of Scientific skills being learned, and a real excitement to continue learning this topic for the rest of the term, including a new found ‘zen’ mindset!

You Are What You Eat


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