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Nurturing a Love of Reading

Do you remember a story from your childhood that you adored? Did you read it over and over again? Can you still remember the images it made in your mind or the way that it made you feel? In Foundation Stage, storytelling is one of our most powerful tools for teaching language. We also seek to cultivate and encourage a love of books and storytelling in our youngest learners, hoping they will enjoy reading for the rest of their lives. 

Recently, we asked the children to bring in their favourite books to share with their teachers and friends at school. We have seen books in many languages, covering many themes, and telling us more about what inspires each child’s imagination. Walking through Foundation Stage, children run up, their favourite book in hand, and ask adults to sit with them and share their favourite story – what an honour!

Additionally, we asked all Foundation Stage staff to share with us their own favourite childhood stories.  We also invited Mr Mills, Mr Cooper, Ms Thew, Mr Taylor, Mrs Hume and the Primary Leadership Team to visit us to read their favourite stories to the children. To our delight, they all accepted and have been joining us in the afternoons to read their own special books. The children were delighted to have new visitors to their classes and benefitted from the opportunity to listen to different storytellers. Soon, we hope to have some children from the Secondary school joining us to read their favourite storybooks in their home languages. This is another fantastic opportunity for the children to listen to different storytellers and is a way to bring home languages into the school environment.

If you would be interested in reading your favourite childhood story to the Foundation Stage children, in whichever language you speak, please contact – We’d love to hear from you!

Nurturing a Love of Reading


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