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Year 1 Join The Circus

This term, our Year 1 learning theme has been 'The circus is coming to town'. We started with the Amazing Billy Blunder Circus coming to visit school, which for many of our students was their first experience of a circus. The students have found out about the history of circuses and discovered that they are over 2,000 years old. They learnt that clowns have to register his/her clown design for their face so that there are no two clowns with the same face in the world!

The students have had fun dressing up as various circus performers and practised circus skills such as juggling, dog training and balancing. They have all innovated and written their very own circus stories with some amazingly inventive problems that needed to be solved including runaway dogs, stolen cannons and missing magic wands. We have even had a debate about whether it is right to have animals in circuses or not and then made posters to convince other people too. Who knows, we might have even inspired some Year 1 students to want to go and join the circus!

Year 1 Join The Circus


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