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Using Student Voice to Refine Curriculum

Staff meetings take place regularly in school, but a recent meeting was much different than usual. Nearly 70 students joined a meeting with nearly 80 members of academic staff who have responsibility for our many learning programmes across the school. The students shared their thoughts on how our values for Global Citizenship are developing in both Primary and Secondary, and also shared their suggestions for taking this further forwards in the future.

There was an amazing energy in the room, as members of teaching faculty listened intently and with full respect to the voice of our students, represented by the Year 4 and 5 Student Councils, the Year 9 Junior Delegates and the Year 12 delegates. Many colleagues and students commented afterwards on just how interesting, useful and enjoyable the meeting was, and as a result, there are already commitments in place to refine our curriculum and extra-curriculum for next year onwards.

We hope to make more use of two-way exchanges like this in the future, as we continue to develop the importance of Student Voice at Bangkok Patana School.

Using Student Voice to Refine Curriculum


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