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Promoting Student Authorship: ‘Word is Out’ Magazine

Word is Out is an ECA led by Key Stage 3 students; the magazine aims to provide an avenue for all Key Stage 3 students to express their views on current global and local issues on any topic of interest – from art, music, films, lifestyle, sport, fashion, creative writing, school news to current affairs through submission of writing, comics and art.

Students involved in the ECA have taken on varying professional roles typical of those crucial to magazine production: Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Assistant, Communications Coordinator and Graphic Designer – they are supported by other members who are also integral to the magazine’s success. Through their weekly meetings, the team has so far enjoyed engaging in logo design, developing a marketing plan and writing topical articles. The students are actively embracing the values of Global Citizenship – they learn how to work collaboratively and independently in a team, take responsibility and leadership in their role and engage in critical thinking and problem-solving.

The ECA is facilitated by Ms Ghogar, a teacher of the English Faculty, who is also a practicing writer, artist and author. Ms Ghogar, who is also a Bangkok Patana alum, has published a series of creative writing textbooks. She believes that having a magazine like this allows our students to write authentically for a specific purpose, audience and context, which in turn successfully builds our students’ confidence as active creators of content in our community and world at large. All our Key Stage 3 students are encouraged to experiment and take risks with different styles of writing and produce work that is enjoyable, challenging and conducive to their own development as writers.

Have you got a piece for publication or would like to express your interest in writing for Word is Out? Send an email to 

Promoting Student Authorship: ‘Word is Out’ Magazine


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