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Year 5 Readers' Cup 2017

The Year 5 Readers’ Cup competition reached its Grand Final, where the winning teams from each class battled it out in the Theatre in front of their peers and parents. They had reached the final by reading through a list of 12 books given to everyone just before the half term break back in October. The rest of their classes were not just there to support though, they were also there to help 'save' and 'steal' points from other classes and to provide help when their class team needed to phone a 'friend'. In the end, it came down to a handful of points, which separated most of the teams. After all the scores were checked, the ‘Firestorms’ from 5W emerged victorious!

A number of children also deserve a well done for being nominated for a special certificate, the recipients were:
Hal - for his organisation within his group and the enthusiasm he displayed throughout Readers' Cup tasks.
Laia - who has read almost every book and has been nothing but enthusiastic about the whole challenge.
Flavio - for great enthusiasm shown towards reading and for making a valuable contribution towards his team’s effort.
Olivia - for always showing enthusiasm for reading throughout the Readers’ Cup. Always talking about the books and taking detailed notes.
Saaya - for a determined attitude and doing lots of reading.
Sofia - she is an avid reader and actually managed to read Esio Trot within a school day during morning break and lunchtime!
Ben - for his dedication to reading and positive attitude towards the challenge.
Jihyo - she has a great love of reading and her enthusiasm played a large part in the success of the challenge within the class.

It was another very successful Readers' Cup as everyone across the Year group showed that they had been reading for meaning as well as for enjoyment. Well done Year 5!

Year 5 Readers' Cup 2017


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