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IASAS MUN Conference

Students from Years 9-13 had the privilege of attending the prestigious IASAS MUN (Model United Nations) Conference, which took place in the wonderful surroundings of the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok. Debate took place in nine committees and the topics under discussion ranged from the use of unilateral economic measures as a means of political and economic coercion against developing countries and international cooperation to combat transnational human trafficking to the question of strengthening international legal frameworks and cooperation to ensure accountability for crimes against women and children. 

Taking part in the conference were Nafis Mahboob Avi Mehta, Ben Sanders, Dillon Rajakarier, Suyash Kothari, Henry Hoang, Rithwick Reddy and Lily Wilson, Maya Lemaire and Tavisha Khanna. The level of debate was extremely high and all of our students acquitted themselves admirably.

IASAS MUN Conference


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