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Visual Arts Exhibition

We were thrilled to celebrate the achievements of our Year 11 GCSE Art and Design and our Year 12 IB Visual Arts students at the opening of their combined exhibition, the first of its kind at Bangkok Patana School.

The GCSE Fine Art, Graphic Communication and Photography work exhibited included a broad range of themes and displayed the overarching creative similarities whilst celebrating the unique differences between each Visual Arts pathway. Year 12 work clearly showed the huge jump in terms of scale and themes allowed through the study of IB Visual Arts and the growth in maturity of our students in response to the demands and challenges of the course. Our Year 12s have created individualised responses to the starting point of Culture and Identity and have certainly all taken their own creative and explorative journey.

We are very proud of all our Visual Artists. Please do take the time to come and visit the show, which is located in the exhibition hall and remains open until Monday 2nd June.

Visual Arts Exhibition Visual Arts Exhibition


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