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Beware! Year 2 Pirates!

The Year 2 ‘Pirate Expo’ was a fantastic opportunity for the students to share their learning from Term 2 with their parents, family and friends. The Expo began with an assembly in the Theatre, where the 'crew' performed poems that they had written in class, as well as songs learned in their Music lessons. It was wonderful to see how confident and proud all of our Year 2 students were as they used their drama and performance skills on stage.

The Expo then voyaged to the Year 2 building where the student ‘buccaneers’ became the teachers, sharing more of their exciting learning from this term with their parents, who became the students!

The Year 2 team would like to thank all of the many parents who came along!

Beware! Year 2 Pirates! Beware! Year 2 Pirates!


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