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Deciding Your Future

As a part of the elective course, ‘Deciding Your Future’, a group of Year 11 students had the privilege of participating in a discussion with five professionals, each with completely different careers and life stories. Here Kristine Huang from 11G tells us more:

"The panelists introduced themselves, described their occupations and talked about their career experience. Students had decided on questions for each panelist during the previous class and got the opportunity to ask specific questions. In previous discussions, it was established that around two-thirds of the class had not yet discovered their true passions and were uncertain of which career to pursue in the future. Though the panelists were all very different, they shared the same opinion on the one factor that would bring success, to pursue your passions and success will follow. The panelists helped to reassure students that a passion does not have to be something you are born with, but in fact is often something one discovers after several years of experimenting and having experiences in different areas of life.

What surprised me most was that none of the panelists had a ‘typical working day’. They explained that there were always various activities and new challenges to keep them occupied at the workplace, which helped us to realise that having a job does not have to be tedious or repetitive. The panelists were also careful to tell us that not all jobs are like theirs but that at this stage in their careers they have more flexibility than they did at the beginning when they were just starting out. Another surprising fact was that each panelist had started out on a very different career path and this changed after several years and through the pursuit of additional education.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their advice and life stories. It taught me the importance of gaining experience through self-exploration, being flexible and open to different opportunities and making decisions based on genuine interest and passion, rather than social influence."

Thank you to the panel of professionals, Mr Andrew Knott, a Professional Golfer, Dr Olivo Miotto, a Biomedical Scientist at Oxford University, Mr Marco Monfils,a businessman and entrepreneur, Mr Nigel Harris, an expert in Hospitality Design and Management, and Ms Donna Murray, an Educational and Developmental Psychologist.

Deciding Your Future


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