Bangkok Patana School
* Information for Cross Campus Assistant Head Tennis Coach (August 2017) *



Our mission is to ensure that students of different nationalities grow to their full potential as independent learners in a caring British international community.


We develop Global citizens who shape their world through independence, empathy, creativity, and critical thinking.


We are

Protected, safe and secure
Motivated and engaged
Responsible and honest
Kind and compassionate
Balanced and fulfilled
We are

Inquisitive and creative
Critical, reflective thinkers
Collaborative and confident communicators
Passionate, resourceful and resilient
Global Citizenship
We are

Committed to integrity
Active volunteers
Diverse and inclusive
Ethical and informed
Empowered by our Interculturalism Inspired to improve global sustainability
Respectful contributors to digital and local communities

Student safeguarding and safe recruitment

Bangkok Patana School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its students and expects all staff to share the same commitment.

As part of the recruitment process applicants must provide:

  • The name and contact details of three referees. One referee should be the applicant's current or most recent employer. In addition to the written references, referees may be contacted to obtain a verbal reference.
  • An up-to-date DBS Disclosure if from UK or police check.
  • Documentation from universities and colleges verifying attendance and successful completion of courses undertaken.
  • An up-to-date medical.


For August 2017, Bangkok Patana School seeks a dedicated professional who is committed to ensuring students reach their full potential and creating a stimulating and positive learning environment, which is child-centred. The willingness to be an effective team player and work closely with parents is essential.

Assistant Head Tennis Coach

Responsible to:  Head Tennis Coach

Coaching Commitment:  Varies 

Role & Position in the Organisation:

  • To be a member of the coaching team for the School’s Tennis Programmes.
  • Coach a designated team/s which are part of the extra-curricular activities programme (after school programme 14:30 – 18:30).
  • When required attend tournaments and overseas competitions.
  • Support the delivery of the mainstream tennis curriculum.

Responsibilities, by area:

Goal I: We focus on continually improving learning

Strategic Area 1 – Teaching and Learning – The Assistant Head Tennis Coach will

  • be aware of the School’s Guiding Statements and promote them wherever possible;
  • coach students who attend the after school programme;
  • ensure that the coaching programmes are delivered accurately;
  • support the delivery of the Tennis programme within the PE curriculum;
  • ensure that the most age appropriate coaching methods are used in the delivery of the programme;
  • follow the positive approach to behaviour management as outlined in the Staff Handbook.

Strategic Area 2 – Professional – The Assistant Head Tennis Coach will

  • maintain current training qualifications to ensure quality up-to-date delivery of coaching sessions/lessons to students;
  • attend the student safeguarding and child protection induction training and any other health and safety training that is needed;
  • adhere to the school’s Professional Standards for Coaches;
  • act as an ambassador for the school by demonstrating the highest professional standards;
  • play an active role in their own personal development through the School’s Performance Management System.

Strategic Area 3 - Culture and Communication – The Assistant Head Tennis Coach will

  • maintain regular communication with the Head Coach and attend meetings when required;
  • communicate with parents under the guidance of the Head Coach.

Goal II - We align our structures, policies and practices to support learning

Strategic Area 1 - Policy and Planning – The Assistant Head Tennis Coach will

  • ensure that all coaching sessions are planned and delivered to the standards expected by the Head Coach;
  • maintain records of attendance, performance and progress as directed by the Head Coach;
  • plan sessions which follow procedures and processes outlined in School policies.

Strategic Area 2 - Finance and Resources –  the Assistant Head Tennis Coach will

  • assist in equipment audits when needed.

Strategic Area 3 - Admissions – The Assistant Head Tennis Coach will

  • support any new students joining the programme particularly those allocated to his/her coaching group/s.

Strategic Area 4 - Health and Safety ­ –  The Assistant Head Tennis Coach will

  • ensure equipment is maintained in good condition and report any damage or loss to the Head Coach;
  • report any concerns regarding child protection issues along the appropriate channels outlined in the Student Safeguarding policy;
  • maintain standards of safety at all times in the PE and or Swimming areas;
  • create a healthy and safe area where students can perform.

Strategic Area 5 - Facilities – The Assistant Head Tennis Coach will

  • assist in overseeing the preparation and maintenance of the PE facilities & swimming pool.

These duties will be developed into short and longer-term targets in consultation with the post holder