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5 April 2012

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!Yr11's Final Day!
Is AFTER the holiday!!
In case you're confused, it's Yr13's last day today. Yours is Friday April 27th. Study Leave starts AFTER that.
As you've been told. Several times.
Sorry for any confusion there, though!

*Timings for today
Period 1-4 are normal
Period 5 & 6 will be Period 7 & 8 lessons

Period 6 will end at 12 noon
Lunch will run from 12- 12.45
Registration 12.45 - 12.50

Then make your way to the Sports Hall using the usual route past the 50M pool for the Songkran and Award's Assembly.

Yr 7 sit on the chairs fill in from the front (far side of room).

Yr 8 sit on the back benches go up first aisle and fill to their right first.

Yr 9 sit on the back benches go up second aisle and fill to their right first.

Yr 10 sit on the back benches go up last aisle and fill to their left first.

Yr 11 sit on the far side benches. When full fill in on back benches.

Yr 12 sit on near side benches. When full fill in chairs.

Yr 13 sit on the chairs fill in from the front (near side of room).

After the assembly return to your tutor base to collect your report.

Then enjoy your holidays!

Ms Thew
8 W Busking for Napo
Thanks to all those who gave generously yesterday and to Labeeb for performing. Baht 5288 was collected.
anke says:
Please come down to the tables at the hard court at 8.00 with your picnic and anything you may need to play.
Assemblies today
Please make your way quietly to the Theatre this morning - those students whose presentations are being shown, please be ready to come up and tell us a bit about what you did, so please sit in the front two rows in the middle.

Please show your support for your MCs - Mimi, Wave, Alyce and Matthew - who have worked hard to put this assembly together.

Best behaviour in both assemblies today please - the Year 8 one and the Songkran assembly this afternoon.

Please remember you need to collect your reports from your tutor bases at the end of the day too.

And have a fantastic Songkran!

Mr Barber
Beijing History Trip 6-11 April

Meet at Row D at 0700 a.m.

Abu and Nancy please hand me your passport today.

Don't forget to collect your trip shirt today.

Don't forget to pack your trip book.

See you tomorrow...
Conduct Detention
There will be no conduct detention today. If you were due in (shame on you!) please put a note in your diary to come Monday 23rd April instead.

Ms Thew
Congratulations to the Our Sports Award Winners
Thank you to all who attended the Sports Awards dinner this year. It was our largest ever with 443 people. Congratulations to all our winners this year.

If you see the following people today please congratulate them as they are our Sports Boys and Girls of the Year.

U13 Sports Girls of the Year- Liam Fryer
U13 Sports Boy of the Year- Jasmine Olds
U15 Sports Girls of the Year- Helen Martin
U15 Sports Boy of the Year- Greg Winyard
U17 Sports Girls of the Year- Tom Murgratoyd
U17 Sports Boy of the Year- Yasmin Salce
U19 Sports Girls of the Year- Maria Belmont
U19 Sports Boy of the Year- Josh Gawthorne

Individual Sports Girl of the Year- Paan Maleenont
Individual Sports Boy of the Year- Reo Vithoontien

Sports Boy of the Year- Hamish Dean
Sports Girl of the Year- Holly Burgess

ECA Sign-up
Phase 2 is now open, and will remain so over the Songkran holidays.
There is no overlap with season 3 sports, so if you would like to do an ECA there won't be any clashes with training sessions on specific days of the week.
Fixtures Today
Boys U15 Volleyball Home Int. School of Bangkok Facility: Sports Hall Court 2
Boys U13 Volleyball Away Int. School of Bangkok
Girls U15 Volleyball Home Int. School of Bangkok Facility: Sports Hall Court 3
Girls U13 Volleyball Away Int. School of Bangkok
Girls U15 Tennis Home Ruamrudee Int. School Facility: Tennis 1-8

U13 boys and girls volleyball please see your coach at 2.15pm at front of sports hall
Japan Trip passport copies!
I still need passport copies from Paisit (9V) and Ola (9D). Can you please see me in Hum 310 or the Humanities office today.

Thank you.

Today lunchtime at 12:15 in SEC 218. Please come along to wish Komal Good Luck for her exams
Ms Patel
LA Basketball Camp
If you are interested in participating in a basketball camp with Top Flight Basketball this summer please come to collect information from the Sports and Activities Office.

It is an awesome opportunity to improve your basketball skills over the summer.


Leigh Hobbs - Visiting Author

Thanks if you made your protest and rolled up your trouser leg or tied on a ribbon yesterday.
Remember, your actions are important. Every little counts.
Shoes and Skirts
Remember school shoes need to be black and leather so the canvas shoes that a few of you are wearing are not suitable. Please make sure over the holidays that you get yourself a new pair of school shoes.

Some of you have also grown and your skirts are too short. So you need to stop rolling them up and if necessary buy yourself a new longer skirt for the start of Term 3.

Your tutors will be checking your uniform on your return - please make sure it is correct.

Ms Thew
Songkran helpers
The following Songkran helpers please leave your P6 at 12.00 p.m. and go straight to Sports Hall. You need to get ready and rehearse. Lunch will be provided

Year 7
Narissa Birtwistle
Chavisa Boonpiti
Silvia De Gerlache de Gomery
Giulia Tamara Tsz-Yan Forrester-Brown
Nuntisa Keatkajonjumroen
Supitchaya Lertiendumrong
Thanatorn Liptawat
Navin Niyamaveja
Alexys Merit Warjovaara
Manon Nicolas Brusselers (Nicky)
Navinda Niyamaveja
Shinakrit Phanutaiwat
Pirawat Punyagupta
Naruj Sangruji
Peerat Vichivanives
Hikaru Yashiro
Bhisasha Chayangpath

Year 8
Jadetawat Thanakornyothin

Year 10
Chamaiporn Angubolkul
Proud Chanarat
Smita Kanjanapas
Marquie Leelatham
Janice Li
Patcha Nitiahpapand
Puwanan Peetakanont
Sukontee Pringsulaka
Pichamon Runyaseva
Kacha Techawatanawana
Ahttapon Vasiksiri
Pakpinya Vongluekiat
Kanaspatr Wasinsungworn
Phuriphat Youngyuen
Philip Reiter
Alexander Berry
Ryan Viriyanon

Year 11
Eric Stuurwold
Year 7: Adventure Day Sign Ups
Year 7 students, please make sure you complete your Adventure Day sign ups by the end of school on Thursday.

Check your email for the link.

Ultimately, if you don't make a choice, I will end up making the choice for you.

Year Thirteens Missing

Where are Year 13s?
And Finally: Ergonomics
If you have two minutes to spare please look at this short cartoon showing the right and wrong way of sitting when using a computer. [Click on the link below]
Erconomics Cartoon
Please submit items for the Secondary Daily Notices to your teacher.
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